Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sunset Wedges!

When the rain and fog finally cleared yesterday I decided to head out to the beach and get in the water no matter what the waves looked like. Worst case scenario Id take some sunset shots from the water and take advantage of some of these warmer February days. There were actually some fun little waist/stomach high wedges coming through with the low tide. The sunset was also pretty epic. I cant wait to be living on the beach (2 weeks away) so I can take plenty of cool sunset/sunrise shots from the water. We should have some fun small waves for the next few days! Ill be out shooting when Im not working!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold Waves

Finally had a little bump out there today and you could tell by the amount of people in the water that its been a while. I think everyone was thinking it was going to be a little bigger but it was the closest thing we've had to some decent waves since December. Waves were maybe chest high but kinda weak and had a lot of North in them. The current was running north to south pretty fast and there was a constant drizzle. There were plenty of guys out but I didnt see too many quality rides due to the quality of the waves. I know, the point of a day like today is to get wet and maybe have a decent drop or one decent turn just to get your stoke on.

I have also missed taking surf photos. I didnt bring my housing knowing its a little chilly for my cold weather setup. I'd last 15 minutes. Warmer weather this weekend and hopefully this was the last of these crazy winter storms we've been having. Im not cut out for this.

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