Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plane Flight

Whats up everyone?!? Havent posted anything in a little and wanted to put up some shots from a recent shoot I did this past week of a beach house on IOP. I hope these aerial photos are becoming a theme because I have so much fun seeing Charleston from up above. I was on a small plane this time and not a helicopter so it was a little tougher to get all the shots I got last time because of a window, wing and a beam that ran out in front of my window. I did still get some cool shots and some different angles from the last time because I was on the other side of Charleston.

I am also very sad to say that I have moved from Folly out to West Ashley to save some money this winter. I miss the beach every day and keep finding myself on surfchex right around sunset just to see the sunset at the beach (weird, i know) but I will try and get out there as much as possible when the waves are here to share some photos with everyone.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day and lets hope for some waves soon!

I will also be out in San Francisco next week visiting my brother and Im sure Ill have a few photos to share when I come back! Keeping an eye on the swell charts and hoping to score some big Mavericks again when Im out there!


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