Monday, October 29, 2012

TS Sandy: Friday Night

TS Sandy came through town very quickly with waves coming and going just as quickly. Didnt really take many photos this weekend because I had to work (til 4 Saturday) and party for halloween (I admit it, I went to Skinful and paid the price). I did manage to surf and take some photos Friday afternoon after I got off work. Took a few when I got to the pier late afternoon, surfed, then took a few more as the sun was setting. Fun, long lefts were coming through and also some short right barrels right on the southside of the pier (see Will Roper photos below). Hope you enjoy them and everyone is safe with Sandy moving up the coast. Color pics, black and white pics, long exposure pics, and even a guy jumping off the pier.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome Sandy

A quick few shots from around sunset tonight. Terrible lighting and crazy wind/waves with a salty haze in the air means all black and white shots. Look for more shots throughout the weekend!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Aerial Shots: Round 2

Heres some more shots from the helicopter. Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback from the photos. Got one up on Surfline and Eastern Surf online feature!

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More swell is on the way!! Yeww


My view!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aerial Shots: Round 1

Hey everyone. Finally went through the majority of the helicopter shots and now it time to share some with y'all! I ended up taking over 2,000 photos yesterday and had to work today so its taken a little bit of time to go through them. Im pretty happy with the aerial shots! I would've liked to get some more action shots but its tough to do with a moving helicopter and all of the other elements involved (a wave, surfer, angle, ect.). Oh well, Im still stoked with the shots I got!

Again, sorry for the rather large watermarks on all of the photos. I am looking to sell some prints and I hope you will help me out and also get some rad local art for your house. I will be putting this money into me buying an SPL housing so I can start to try and shoot from the water as well as the beach! HELP ME HELP YOU! Thinking of doing $30 for a single 8x10 print and 2 for $50. This is a reasonable price and would be an awesome addition to your house! I can also do custom orders for different sizes, canvas prints, or whatever. Just email me at so we can make it work. ( Im putting numbers below the photos so its not "I want to that one lineup shot" and "the one with that guy turning")

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Hope you enjoy them!





















Stoked post flight! Can you believe how small that thing is?!? haha