Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Sunrise

Ive had to work every morning recently and havent been able to get out early and surf. Kinda sucks but I did make it out to the beach for a little Sunday morning around sunrise with a little swell in the water. Snapped off a few photos at the washout then the pier. I have been working more and more at 630am and this means Im having to drive off the island around sunrise and its been pretty nice. Anyone to see a sunrise on the beach knows what Im talkin about.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leslie Shootout

Magicseaweed is doing a "shootout" for all of the Hurricane Leslie photos and Ive got two photos on the site. While I dont think my photos are the best ones submitted, the winner gets a trip to the Maldives. Going to the Maldives to surf and take photos in that setting would be an absolute dream come true. Not sure exactly how they are judging but it says they are reading the comments below both of the articles so I though I could post the links here and maybe a few of yall could help me out. Ill post the links below, just scroll down to the bottom and comment (through Facebook) that Follyhood/Justin Morris has the best photo. It cant hurt. Thanks everyone.


Unidentified in a clean barrel. 

Kyle Busey busting an air. 

Looks like whoever shot pics 28/29 is getting a lot of love for the second set of entries. Lets show him up and represent South Carolina.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks, TS Leslie!

More waves for us going into the weekend. Fun waves yesterday all over the beach with clean conditions in the morning and actually again late in the day. Wind picked up mid-day but some rain came through and cleaned things up for low tide late in the day. Swam around with the gopro again and got some nice shots. Not super high quality shots but cool anyways. There was actually a full rainbow over the beach (possibly double rainbow). While nothing compares to this double rainbow on youtube, it was still pretty cool. Cant remember the last time I've seen a full rainbow over Folly, so that was nice for the few guys out. Anyways enjoy the photos and sorry for the delay, usually I try to do same day delivery!

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The End.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lingering Leslie

Looks like Leslie is gonna be lingering out in the Atlantic for a little so we can have more days of waves! Usually we only can get a few hours of quality waves so lets hope this means were gonna have some more waves all weekend. Took some photos late in the morning with clean waves running in the chest to shoulder range. My fins never showed up today so I didn't get to swim around with the gopro like I wanted to. Oh well.

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Check Mike's blog for a lot more barrel shots!! 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Few More From Isaac

Went back through all of my shots and found a few more from last weeks swell. Some are just different shots from a sequence and some are new shots. Lets hope we get some more waves with this new system. Tis the season!

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