Friday, November 21, 2014


Hey everyone! Just wanted to put some photos up on the blog for everyone thats not following Follyhood on Facebook or Instagram. Theres a few surfing shots and a few random shots from around the island. Make sure to check out my new website to see some of my favorite shots and buy some prints. I will be having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE starting later today and running through December 8th, the day that I come back from my upcoming trip to Peru. The code will be blackfriday to recieve 25% off all things for sale at my shop.

I am so excited to be going down to Peru next week! I havent been out of the country in a few years and I am excited to head back down to South America. I went to Argentina twice but that was a long time ago. I will have plenty of photos to share when I get home!


Sunday, November 2, 2014


I spent a few days in NYC for the first time ever last week and wanted to share a few photos. I know this isnt related to surfing or my usual style but it was fun to shoot in a place that is so different then around here. I wish I had more time on the "top of the rock" but my dad was over it in about 10 minutes. I could've shot for hours!

Also, for anyone not following my instagram or facebook page (@follyhood) Im stoked to announce a new Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens in my camera bag! This will be a goto for shooting from the beach and a huge improvement for my photos from the beach. I am also looking to sell my old lens I was using on the beach and hopefully somewhere down the road be able to shoot with this lens in the water. Always trying to improve!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hola Gonzalo! Best of Gonzalo.

What a great week the Charleston surf community had last week! We had waves all week leading into the first ever Carolina Surf Film Festival. The days all blended together and it took me a while to go back and sort through all of the photos from last week. I took a ton. The first photo Im posting was used as online gallery cover for ESM's Gonzalo feature so I was pretty stoked on that. Enough talk, heres some of my favorites from last week.