Friday, February 26, 2016

Dominican Republic

Recently, I went down to the Dominican on a trip with my girlfriend. We stayed on the north coast around the town of Cabarete. While the area is famous for kite surfing, I knew there were some waves around there too. I saw an old story on The Inertia saying how "Bobo" is the man in that area and link up with him for anything DR surfing. I reached out to Bobo and he set us up with a taxi from Santo Domingo to Cabarete and also a place to stay for the week.

I also let Bobo know that I am a surf photographer and Id love to get up with some surfers from the area and shoot. The first morning we linked up with Bobo and met up with a good crew of local rippers. The waves the first few days were really good and I was stoked for a week full of good surf with great surfers. Well, the rain came and so did the wind for the next couple of days but we still hung with the guys and they showed us around town. We played lots of free pool, ate lots of free popcorn and drank lots of cheap rum and beer. Like my recent trip to Jamaica, the local guys really made the trip memorable for us and also were excited to show us around northern DR.

If anyone is headed down there make sure to check out these guys and tell them i sent you.

Bobo's Surfs Up Surf School

Chino Surf School

Benny B's Surf Hut

Thanks again for everything boys!