Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enough To Get Wet!

Small clean waves today came with some chilly weather. I didnt get to surf but I know there was a few guys out craving any kind of waves. I stopped by the pier and washout b/w errands today and actually got some good pictures.

Im not sayin the waves were good, Im just sayin the pictures look good.

Im put them up tomorrow! (2/12)


Folly Point. 

You can see a black hood in there

As good as it got


  1. did you get any pictures of a girl surfing a longboard at the pier?

  2. Hey I just put the pictures that I got of you up. sorry I didnt get better ones, let me know next time your out and I will!

  3. Any day in the water is a good day....

  4. Will do if we can get some damn waves!!!!!!