Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Asheville, NC

Headed up to the mountains a few weeks ago to get away for a little. Heres some of the shots.


  1. Hey, who is that girl in your NC pics? I am looking for this girl that I went surfing with on 6th street in October, but all I remember is that her name is Jessica (I think?) and she lives in North Carolina. The girl in your pics looks like her. She told me to look her up on facebook but I dont remember her name haha. I'm looking for a surfing buddy and she was a lot of fun! Thanks!
    Nicole from Maryland

  2. PS sweet pics. I especially love the first train track pic. I love how you can see the reflection in the track.

  3. Hey the girl in the pictures is actually my gf who lives here in Charleston and doesn't really surf so I'm not sure who it was but good luck finding her!

    Thanks! Yea took a few different angles and that one definitely turned out the best!


  4. Haha ok then that definitely wasnt her. Thanks for writing me back though! I love your pics, I check this blog all the time. I'm cold and far from the waves here in MD, so I always check in and daydream about when I can get down to folly again. Keep postin pics!!

  5. Thanks Nicole! I really appreciate it.