Monday, September 22, 2014

Best of the Banks

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough to spend all of last week up in the Outer Banks and hang out with some guys who were competing in Easterns up in Nags Head. I had never been to the Outer Banks. I know..why did it take you so long to get up there? I dont know, I do know I'd love to get back up there ASAP. We didnt get huge macking OBX but still had plenty of fun surf.

We stayed in Nags Head but caught most of our better sessions down south because all of the NE winds when we were up there. We caught Frisco pretty good last Thursday after searching all morning for the right bar and some offshore winds. There was plenty of fun free surfs in between all of the contest heats and everyone went home pretty stoked after a fun week of waves. Congrats to all of the Folly locals who did well in Easterns!

My print shop/website is very close to being ready to roll. I will let everyone know when its ready. The best way to support this blog will be to buy a print from me!

Thanks again to everyone for checking out my photos! I truly appreciate it.


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