Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Follyhood Girl with Devon Keim

Hey, whats going on everybody? I have been promising to post some photos from my sunrise photo session with Devon for a while now and finally am just now getting around to posting them. Me and Devon shot before my trip down to Costa Rica on a nice warm March Folly sunrise. I was excited to work with Devon because Devon is a great photographer/painter/editor in her own right. For this shoot I gave Devon my memory card right after our shoot and let Devon edit all of the photos. I have never done this and it was a little weird not to be able to go through the photos I just took but I trusted Devon's editing skills and was not disappointed. I think you may notice her edits are a little different than my style but its always fun to mix it up try new things.

Devon is a sick painter and I am going to add this LINK to check out some of her surf/beach inspired art. She even has a cool painting based off of one of my shots on my trip down to South Florida this winter. Make sure to check them out on the link above or her Facebook page.

I am also doing away with Follyhood girl of the month and just doing a "Follyhood Girl" so there isnt any pressure or time table when doing these fun shoots. I am always looking for new people to shoot with so email me at if anyone is ever interested in shooting with me.

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