Wednesday, February 10, 2016



Just got back from a great trip to Boston Bay, Jamaica with a great group of lady shredders. People go to Jamaica to surf? I thought people just smoke weed and listen to reggae all day...Boston Bay is a great little bay located in the NE corner of Jamaica. The bay is surreal. Green Caribbean waters with beautiful cliffs and mountains surrounding the bay. Its a great longboard wave and can be really fun on the right swell. There are many spots all over east Jamaica and you would most likely be surfing with only your friends. 

We met up with a good group of locals and had a blast hanging with them. We pretty much let them show us the way. We surfed every day. We drank overproof rum every day. We swam in a crystal clear lagoon all by ourselves and had roasted red snapper and breadfruit on a beach by ourselves. Every day was a new and different adventure and it never disappointed! Enough terrible writing, here's some of my favorite shots! Thanks again to Kate Barattini for inviting me along for the ride.