Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunset Chocolate Barrels!! PART II

OK, just tried to upload more photos from Sunday but it says I have run out of space to put any more photos on the blog. I just purchased more GB's so I should be able to put more photos up in 24 Hours!! Thats bullshit I have to buy more space but at least it was cheap!!! Oh well what are you gonna do?! But I do have some more nice ones from Sunday...

****Please Check Back Wednesday(3/9) or Thursday(3/10)****


  1. Great pics but will you still be posting vids?

  2. Hey thanks for checking the pictures out. Unfortunately, the camera Im using now doesnt have video and I dont know when Ill have the money to buy a camera with video features. Check out Folly Surf Photography or Thomas Brothers Productions on my Links. The Thomas Brothers focus on video and Mike at Folly Surf Photography will post videos and pictures. Hope that helps..