Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waves Today.

Had some surf today out on Folly. I surfed the incoming tide this morning at the washout and had a nice long session. I didnt get to take a lot of pictures because I really wanted to surf with my new board. I did get out around 1 and take a few photos but the waves werent as good and it was very bright out. 

I also surfed 10th block around 3 and that was even better..Winds switched offshore for like an hour or two and cleaned up the waves on a nice sandbar that has formed there. Waves were stomach high+. 

The first photos are from the washout and the last ones are of the Red Bull Illume in Marion Square. Its running nightly from 7-11 pm until the 28th and I really recommend checking it out. 50 really cool photos..

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