Tuesday, October 18, 2011

San Francisco! Mavericks and more!!

Hey, guys! Sorry for the delay with the west coast pictures. I lost my card reader out west and have been working a good bit so I haven't really even had a chance to look at the pictures on my computer. I had an awesome week out there and actually enjoyed some really nice weather (not too much fog).

I was keeping an eye on the waves all week and lucked out with Mavericks opening day be the last day I was out there! I was like a giddy little girl making the long walk to the wave and it is just an amazing set-up. I was up on the hill taking pictures and didn't realize just how far out the wave actually is. Id say its a solid half mile out so I wish I had a longer lens (or access to a boat!).

I also got to see fleet week from the San Francisco bay so Ill put some of those pictures up too.

Enough talk, heres the pictures.



  1. WaaaBaaaam! Those waves are the crush! Sick pics J-man!

  2. good rooftop photo, sitting up on a SF
    roof looking out at the bay is classic...

  3. a cool combination of natures power (mavericks) and then of power created by humans(fighter jets)