Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Calm Before The Storm

For those of you who haven't liked Follyhood on facebook, shame on you! You probably haven't heard that I will be in a helicopter over Folly tomorrow morning (from aprox. 8:15-8:30) for some aerial photos. I know, its not that long but Helicopter tours are pricey (even with a groupon). I have never been in a helicopter so Im pretty stoked on that but I'm also hoping to get some good shots up there. Im keeping my fingers crossed I get some keepers with some swell in the water and clean conditions. Anyways, heres a few quick shots from today. Not the best conditions, but there was a little bit of size in the water later in the day. Took some longer exposure shots at sunset at the pier that turned out pretty cool. I haven't really tried that so it was fun to mess around with. Anyways, lets hope we all get some waves tomorrow and the aerial shots turn out well.


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