Friday, November 29, 2013

Turkey Eve Swell!

Great day of surf all day thursday!! Waves were a few feet overhead early when I got out a little before noon and got a little smaller as the day went on. Waves were still about chest high when I left the beach at the end of the day. I got tons of barrel shots! Both empty and with people in them. Shot from the beach and then went for a quick swim with the housing then came back to the beach and took some more shots. What a great way to lead into Thanksgiving!

Make sure to like Follyhood on Facebook so you know when new posts are up and I also sometimes put extra photos up on there that arent on the blog. Also, I just dropped off some original prints of mine that I transferred to wood at Mckevlins. Go check them out or let me know if youd like some custom ones made for you or a someone else for x-mas.

Heres a handful of shots. More to come this weekend. Ive been busy the past few days and I shot over a thousand photos.


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