Monday, March 24, 2014

Todays Happenings

Whats going on? Its been a little while so I wanted to post some new photos to the blog. If you want more action check out Follyhood's' facebook page and give it a like. I wanted to go for a surf this afternoon with strong NE winds kicking up a little wave but it was too small and cold for me. Looks like it was the same for a lot of guys with only a few surfers out and some kiteboarders. The dredging is now all the way at the south end of the washout. These pics Im posting were taken at high tide. You can clearly see how much more sand is at the washout now. Anyways, Im back living on the beach and have my internet set up so Im stoked to be sharing photos a little more often now! Cheers.


Fence Barrel!

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