Monday, April 28, 2014

Day Trip To Florida!

Got a call last Monday saying it was gonna be good in Florida on tuesday and we should go down for the day. The plan was to meet in West Ashley at 3:30 and load up all of the boards and get down there around sunrise. 3:30 AM is a scary number. We were hoping for waves in the stomach to chest range and clean. The waves were head high plus and clean with air temps in the mid 80's. The lineup cleared out about mid morning and by the end of the day the Charleston crew was surfing alone. I surfed my brains out and got these shots so all in all it was definitely worth it!



  1. ohhhhhhhhhh man those wedges look so nice! 3rd from the bottom money shot!

  2. Great shots, what part of Fla?

  3. Thanks guys! Its in N Fla, thats about all I can say.