Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Slowing Down at Sunset

I hope everyone got to surf yesterday. Waves were fun and I know a lot of us were excited to get into the water with some sort of wave over waist high. I took a few photos yesterday but pretty much surfed all day so this post is about the night before. I got off work ( I am now working up at Ocean Surf Shop!) around 6 and got all of my gear and went to the washout. There was a constant drizzle and the skies were dark and cloudy. The waves were about stomach high and kinda closing out with the lower tide. I saw a few guys get some barrels and heard it was better a few hours prior.

I have been wanting to get out in the water and shoot with a slower shutter for a while now. For whatever reason, it's taken me a while to find the right conditions. Monday night was looking good so i went for it. I stayed out til after 8 playing around in the surf and had a fun time trying to keep my housing still and line up a few shots at it was getting dark fast. Heres a few from Monday, Ill post a few I shot from the beach of yesterdays session sometime tomorrow.


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