Friday, January 7, 2011

End Of The World??? Dead Birds, Now Fish

If you haven't heard or seen, thousands of dead Menhaden washed up onto the beach around the pier earlier this week.  It seems that us surfers aren't the only ones who hate this cold ass water. Everything I am hearing is saying the water is just too cold. I guess everyone has their own theory. I read that in the the winter of 2000-01 the water temps hovered in the mid 40's and it killed about 98% of the Lowcountry shrimp supply. I think people are scared that this could happen again very soon with similar water temps. NOT GOOD FOR LOCAL FISHERMAN.

I took pictures yesterday before work in a rush but cant find my memory card reader to upload them . Im also gonna go check it out soon and see if I can take some more pics of them on a sunny day.

HERES THE PICTURES!!!! The Pictures from Thursday are the clean looking fish. Then the tide pulled a few back out and left the rest really sandy. Also, you can see the birds were all over them and by today they had a very large buffet.

Yea, Im Lookin At You!

Removal Crew Today.

Random Guy Giving A Helping Hand.

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