Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Blew It

Woke up around 9 today and the waves were not good. It had some size but was pretty nasty with the wind, current, and cold water. I know I promised more pictures today but the messy waves made for some bad photos. The sun came out for a second then the fog rolled in out of nowhere and the visibility was very low. I went down to see if anyone was at the pier and you couldnt see the end (check pictures below).

Also my new lens came in today!! Im still very new to the photography game but Ive learned so much since I started the blog and am slowly getting a nice little collection of lens. Thanks Ebay. Im still learning everyday but I guess you have to start somewhere...

Also The Pipe Pro is on right NOW and Pipeline has been CRAZZZY. That wave really blows my mind.

Fog Moved In Real Quick

Very Foggy.

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