Friday, September 23, 2011

Ophelia Could Be Nice...

T.S. Ophelia is scooting by the Caribbean as we speak and could be sending some fun waves our way next week. Looks like we will be seeing signs of Ophelia starting the beginning of next week. Ive been having trouble with posting pictures but I bought a Macbook Pro 15" last week and should be getting it soon. This will also include some nice editing software so hopefully we'll see an improvement in my photos.

Looks like Richard at Grasshopper Surfboards has a few nice boards for sale. Check em out. Support our local shapers!!!

Anyways, lets keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we'll get some fun waves soon.



  1. New toys!!! Macbooks and Grasshopper shralp-sticks (best boards that can be purchased in South Carolina)

    Look forward to the new visual treats from your lense.

  2. Yeaaa buddy!! Still waiting on my Macbook to get here...