Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leslie Shootout

Magicseaweed is doing a "shootout" for all of the Hurricane Leslie photos and Ive got two photos on the site. While I dont think my photos are the best ones submitted, the winner gets a trip to the Maldives. Going to the Maldives to surf and take photos in that setting would be an absolute dream come true. Not sure exactly how they are judging but it says they are reading the comments below both of the articles so I though I could post the links here and maybe a few of yall could help me out. Ill post the links below, just scroll down to the bottom and comment (through Facebook) that Follyhood/Justin Morris has the best photo. It cant hurt. Thanks everyone.


Unidentified in a clean barrel. 

Kyle Busey busting an air. 

Looks like whoever shot pics 28/29 is getting a lot of love for the second set of entries. Lets show him up and represent South Carolina.

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