Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks, TS Leslie!

More waves for us going into the weekend. Fun waves yesterday all over the beach with clean conditions in the morning and actually again late in the day. Wind picked up mid-day but some rain came through and cleaned things up for low tide late in the day. Swam around with the gopro again and got some nice shots. Not super high quality shots but cool anyways. There was actually a full rainbow over the beach (possibly double rainbow). While nothing compares to this double rainbow on youtube, it was still pretty cool. Cant remember the last time I've seen a full rainbow over Folly, so that was nice for the few guys out. Anyways enjoy the photos and sorry for the delay, usually I try to do same day delivery!

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The End.


  1. sick shots great lighting son

  2. That first gopro shot is awesome

  3. Awesome pics, Justin! Thanks for putting them up. I grew up on 3rd block back in the 60's and your pics take me back! Thanks again and don't ever quit, please. Buster