Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold and Flat..Not In Hawaii

Hey everyone!
Right now the real feel on Folly is a miserable 34 degrees. The lows all week are very low so expect the water temps to be dropping fast. I just walked down to the beach and there is no surf today. It does look like it is going to build a little tomorrow with sets in the afternoon up to waist high. We are also gonna be getting some windswell starting Saturday and then will be gone by Monday morning. Keep an eye on it!

Today is the start of one of my favorite surf contests, The Pipeline Masters. They are calling for a solid North swell to be rolling into the North Shore today with some solid overhead surf all day. It starts at 7:45 AM Hawaiian time (1PM East Coast) so that will be later in the day for us. Below I will attach the link to watch it LIVE!!!!!


Courtesy: Surfline

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