Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorry..No Pics From The Gulf

Hey Everyone!
So I didnt make it out to the beach today and from the pictures that I saw tonight the waves didnt look all that good. It looked about stomach high and just some nasty windy conditions with poor wave form. Oh well, maybe next time.
Im headed back to Folly tomorrow and the forecast there looks pretty bad too. It looks like thursday might produce some OK waves in the waist high range for later in the day. Im sure we will all be keeping an eye on it.

Again, heres a few more pics from Central America that I have saved to this computer....ENJOY


Blurry and Small. Sorry.

Grilled Fish...I Miss This

Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua. Offshore Winds 365 Days A Year.
Nicaragua Sunset.
Dominical. Cool Town.

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