Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Delivers A Day Late!

Folly, Doing Its Best "Jersey Shore" Impression.
Hey Everyone!
So anyone that wanted to brave the cold weather and snow ( yea, it snowed out here today) got some much needed waves today. It was waist high+ and cold as shit. I bit the bullet and got a new 4/3 today with Mckevlins having their 25% off post-Christmas sale. While it was night and day compared with my old suit, I only lasted about an hour and a half. While I was out (right around high tide) there was some sort of sleet but around noon it was full on snowing. It wasnt sticking but just look at the photo above, thats definitely snow.
Not a lot of great guys out, but I still got some OK shots.
Enough talk, heres some more photos....ENJOY!

These Little Ducks Were Getting Drilled By Sets..

So Cold They Couldnt Move. Pretty Funny.

Snowing On East Ashley

This Was The Hardest It Came Down.

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