Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gulf Coast Waves!

Whats up everyone??
So I checked the reports for the gulf before I drove to Florida today and was not expecting to see much. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Surfline was calling for thigh to chest high waves for West Florida for Sunday-Tuesday. These will be short period waves developed from some strong NW winds that will be a result of a cold front.
It rarely matches up that when I come back to Tampa the Gulf actually has some waves so I'm excited. I do have my camera so I hope I can upload some pics from Monday and also surf a little. Its a shame that its a windswell because when they receive groundswell here the water and lighting can be pretty spectacular. O well, I am excited to be surfing in some water a little warmer then Folly.

Whenever I do come back to the gulf coast of Florida, Gulfster is by far the best overall site for this area. They have forecasts, photos, cams and everything else you need to stay up to date. They also have a lot of good info and connections if anyone is looking to go down to Puerto Rico. Its such a short trip that many gulf coasters make the trip when they are hungry for some "olas". So check out GULFSTER  and lets hope this forecast holds and I can get some waves and pictures Monday.

I am on my computer at home which has all of my pictures from when I lived in Costa Rica 2 winters ago. In the future, I will talk more about this and post more pictures but heres a few to help you book a ticket somewhere and dust off that passport!!

Santa Teresa Sunset
Mal Pais Derecha (Sorry, its really blurry but you get the point)

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