Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Waves Continue!

Another fun day of waves on Folly!! The water has definitely cooled down with these cold nights the past few days. I surfed for a little then went in and got my camera right before high tide. I decided to wear some gloves while shooting in the water and it was not very fun. My gloves are a size too small and it feels like I am constantly making a fist. This makes it even trickier when trying to take some water shots.

I never really got comfortable while shooting in the water today. Thats most likely why I didnt get a lot of good water shots today. I tried to swim for like 45 minutes but thought it would be a lot nicer shooting from the beach in my warm fleece lined hoodie. The waves were fun today and stayed pretty clean all day. Waves were around stomach to chest high.

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