Monday, December 30, 2013

One Last Day of December Waves!

Big, messy surf yesterday at the washout. Everyone was waiting in the winds to switch and clean up the surf and it only kinda happened. I guess it was more of a WSW and didnt have enough north in it to really clean it up. Guys were still ripping. Went out for water shots and probably waiting a little too long to go out because I was afraid I'd get too cold. I ended up going out in my 4/3 wetsuit, a 5 mil left bootie, a 3 mil left glove, a hood, and my dafin fin on my right foot! While I felt like a kook, I was very warm. Thats all that matters! Anyways, it was the end of the day and with limited light it was tough to get good action shots. I did get a lot of good sunset/lineup ones from the water.

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  1. great shots justin! love the 2nd water shot - gives exactly the feeling of being out there. also the surfer silhouetted in the sunset good stuff

  2. Thanks Richard, good time! Wish I swam out earlier.