Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Forecast Remains The Same

Hey Everyone!
It still looks like this weekend is going to be some very fun surf. Im crossing my fingers but whatever happens, I know we will be getting some surf. I rode my bike around this morning and took some pictures because it was a pretty flat day. It was actually a warm day and the mosquitoes were killin me so I lasted only for a few hours.

For anyone that hasnt checked out Folly Surf Photography I would highly recommended it. It is a great collection of pictures from my friend Mike and he has a nice camera and takes some damn good pics. The sunrise photos he took the other day were pretty damn nice. You can also purchase pictures from his site.

Heres a few pictures from my little bike trip today...Enjoy and tell your friends about the blog!

The bigger the board, the better today.

Morris Island Lighthouse with the SI Lighthouse in the background. 

Below I have attached the link to watch the opening day at Mavericks in California. I would love the opportunity to be in San Fran for a huge swell and watch this show live. Keep the volume up so you can tell how load these bombs are!!!!

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