Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Washing Machine Surfing!

Hey Everyone!
With south winds gusting right around 30 MPH today, it produced some disorganized but ridable waves. The waves weren't lining up very good but there were some peaks around chest high. I went out right after I took these pictures but then had to go to work. I'm sure the waves improved with the late afternoon high tide but I dont want to think about that because I was stuck working.

Im off tomorrow but it looks like these waves only stayed for a few beers then went on their way so the forecast is lookin pretty shitty for the upcoming week. I took a few pictures around the beach today. Here they are...Sorry I changed the colors on a few of them because the lighting was really bad and thought the changes looked better.

Ghost Crab.

Folly Mornings.

Always A Few Idiots Out

Crabs are crabby. Very crabby

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