Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Future Is Looking Very Clear!

Hey Everyone!
I didn't get to update the blog yesterday but I do have some pretty big news! As everyone knows, I have been looking for a new camera and finally found one yesterday. After looking on eBay and a few other sites I found the Nikon D3000 10.2 Mega Pixel Kit W/ 18-55mm lens (Refurbished) for a great price! It is coming in from Georgia and I should be getting it sometime next week. The features of this camera will really improve my action photography and the overall quality of my photos. It is my first time using a digital SLR camera so I'm exited to see what I can do.

Nikon D3000.

There was a little bit of swell in the water yesterday but it faded fast in the afternoon. I went to the washout at high tide late afternoon and it just didnt seem worth it to me. It was maybe thigh high and closing out in about thigh high water. I didnt have batteries in my camera but finally got some new ones from Berts right before the sunset yesterday and took some pictures. Here they are....Enjoy!

Moon and Sunset.

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