Monday, November 8, 2010

Holy Shit...Get Excited

Hey Everyone!
Looks like I had a few too many drinks last night and missed the better waves this morning but the forecast looks awesome. I really try not to look to far down the road but the forecast for next weekend is too good not to talk about. Swellinfo is calling for head high groundswell with sets 1 to 3 feet overhead and MSW is giving it a five star rating for Saturday!! FIVE STARS!! We should start to see the swell Wednesday and it should improve as the week continues!

Anyways got out to late today and the tide was really closing everything out. The weather is really nice but the water is cold as shit. I guess its gettin to be that time of the year.

I did take a few pics when I was at the beach so I hope you enjoy them.

Empty Beach

Good form. Bad size

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