Saturday, November 13, 2010

High Hopes Shattered With Average Waves

Everyone knew what was supposed to happen. Today was supposed to be the day and if you were out here you know it didn't quite live up to expectations. The crowds arrived this morning and everyone seemed just as bummed out when they peaked over the dunes to see very average waves on a hugely over-hyped swell.

I have also realized that the camera that I have is not the best for taking action pictures. I was a day late and a dollar short all day long and really didn't get the pictures I was hoping for today. I know the waves weren't anything to special and that really didn't help either.

I am going to start looking for a new camera and lens on Ebay so the quality of my photos will improve. If anyone has any suggestions or reviews please let me know.

Thanks and enjoy a few average pics...

"The Zoo"

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