Friday, November 12, 2010

Fun Friday

Hey Everyone!
Just got out of the water and the waves are starting to pick up for the weekend. When i woke up and walked down to the beach around 9 the winds were howling and the waves looked like shit. I gave it a few and let the tide fill in and the waves actually got a little better. Nothing epic, but waves! We all got to get our arms loose for the next few days. I have to go to work now but its definitely worth checkin out all day today.

I hope everyone is excited for tomorrow and ready for some fun waves. They are still calling for sets to be a few feet overhead! I took a few pictures today but should be taking a lot more tomorrow when I dont have to work. That means time for me to surf and also take some photos. Also, I am very excited to be able to sit down and watch the Florida vs. South Carolina football game and not have to work! Tomorrow is gonna be a great day.

Anyways heres a few crappy photos from today. Sorry, they should get better this weekend.

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