Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Weekend Is Still On!

Looks like the weekend forecast is gonna hold up and Saturday looks like its gonna be the best day for Folly with sets coming in head high+. Sunday morning also should be good with the swell still there and the right tides. The waves the past few days have been disorganized and getting killed by the strong north winds so not many new updates. Today it may get better later afternoon but I will be at work.

I'm excited because I have Saturday off so I'm hoping to surf a lot and take a lot of  quality pictures. I'm gonna be at the Washout and I also want to go to the pier for a little and get some good shots from a different angle. I know its gonna be "The Folly Zoo" this weekend because thats what happens when waves grace us on the weekend but hopefully I get some good shots and we all catch some good waves.

Make sure your gear is ready and you eat your veggies.



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